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Utter the name at a neighbor's party, a firehouse, a union hall, a parish basement, or heck, to your priest, and at the very least you'll get a nod of recognition.More often, mouths water.

"Harrington's falls off the fork. You can't even cut it. You just pick it up with a fork and it comes off," said the Rev.John McNailis of St. Gabe's in Bridgeport.

Ken Harrington, owns Ray Harrington Catering, a Portage Park family business going on 70 years. While Corned Beef is the jewel in its crown, they server many other dishes, most with an Irish flare. Hundreds of pounds are cooked daily and sold whole for pickup, or hand-sliced with all the trimmings.

Harrington’s grandfather, Ray, started the business in 1951. He moved to Chicago from Michigan in 1922 and was working as the steward at the Logan Square Athletic Club, a magnet for aldermen and the like. Ray Harrington, an Irishman, was a cook who fed the politicians corned beef and cabbage. They liked it so much, they asked him to cater their shindigs, which he did until he opened his own business.

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